Being Use to Change

I’m a person who has never coped with change very well. About 6 years ago, my absolute best friend moved about 1,000 miles away. We had been best friends since we were almost six, so I was pretty heart broken. Who was I gonna talk to about my boy problems? Who was I gonna gossip to? Who was I gonna take classes with and sit with at lunch? Who was I gonna confide all my secrets in?
Well, life went on, I made new friends, she made new friends and the world didn’t end.
Yesterday, some of my closest friends graduated. I know graduating college is one of the biggest milestones you can pass, but I just couldn’t help but to beg them all to stay. Unfortunately, they still graduated and my closest friend is now on her way back to Iowa. I personally think it’s awesome she came to a school in Texas, I’m glad she’s someone I have in my life because she created whole new adventures for me that I’ll never forget.
But, in the end, me and my childhood friends are still best friends. We see each other a couple times a year and we talk at least once a week. Nothing’s changed between us at all. As for my college friends, I had to learn that graduation isn’t “good-bye,” it’s “see you later.” And I do fully intend on seeing all these girls later. With change, you just have to see the glass half full and live on.


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