Being An Alcoholic vs. Being A Drunk

Alcoholic:a person addicted to intoxicating drinks.
Drunk:an intoxicated person.
Do you see the difference? In society, an alcoholic is a person who has an addiction to alcohol, but people are confusing that with a drunk, who is just intoxicated.
Alcoholics tend to have emotional issues, addictive personalities and rely on everyone but themselves; I did say “tend to,” so please don’t get defensive. Usually, an alcoholic has some crazy story that turned them to rely on alcohol, but also, some alcoholics are formed merely because they were exposed to alcoholic beverages before the age of 14… I think that’s the age, don’t quote me though.
Anywho, when a college student goes home for the holidays and wants to go to the bar, with friends and get drinks, they’re an alcoholic? No. They’re a drunk.
Drunks are people who drink when celebrating or they just want to have a little fun. Drunks don’t drink to suppress some larger psych issues.
Drunks, in most cases, drink in a social setting and with lots of people, but alcoholics, tend to drink alone but also in social settings.
Well, I came home for the holidays my family keeps referring to me as an “alcoholic.”
Just because I keep my liquor, beer and wine stash in my room and it’s all gone the next morning does not mean I’m an alcoholic……….. Oh wait.
Hahah. Just kidding, I’m just hiding it from my mom. Alcohol is not a cheap hobby. Have a happy holiday everyone!


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