Falling Always Hurts, Especially In Love

I’ve always been the kind of girl that isn’t swimming up my boyfriends ass and not worried about being attached at the hip but recently, I’m wondering if that’s where I went wrong. In grade school, friends, family and grades were my top priorities but my friends were a little different. My friends would put their boyfriends before everything else in the world and I always saw that fail, but now I’m the one failing. I can’t keep a guys attention for more than a month and when I get in a relationship, it quickly turns to shit. However, my other friends are getting married, having babies or engaged. What happened to guys wanting their space? Do they want girls to be in their business all the time? Because if I can’t trust you, I won’t marry you. Something’s in life, I will NEVER understand and the male population is definitely amongst those things. Anyways, my night ended on a sour note and I’m ready for bed. Good night.


The Difference Between “It Fits” and “I Can Put It On.”

So as we all know there are many different body types. You have short and skinny, short and fat, short and chubby, hourglass, tall and skinny, tall and fat, tall and chubby, healthy, apple, oval, pear, triangle, etc. you get the idea. Well, to everyone’s surprise, they make clothes for all body shapes!
If you’re a bigger girl (as I am myself. I wouldn’t say I’m fat, but I’m not a toothpick. Just a little over weight), you probably shouldn’t be shopping at Wet Seal anymore. Let me explain why. The clothes are super cute, but by this I mean, super cute on girls with the body for them. Wet Seal is a store that makes small and revealing clothes– I don’t know why, I just know they do. When shopping as a larger girl, you need to look in the mirror and close your eyes for 10 seconds. When you open your eyes, you should see your face first. However, this only works if you do it honestly. If the first thing you see is a “muffin top” then that piece of clothing doesn’t fit. I’m NOT saying that bigger girls aren’t beautiful, I’m saying they aren’t a 2. I’m a size 10 myself and I think I’m very pretty. You have to be confident enough with yourself to buy the size that fits not the size that goes on. They do make stores for plus size women and the stuff is just as cute and you don’t have to tell anyone where you got your clothes if you don’t want to. Just remember, the better you look in your clothes, the better you will ultimately feel throughout the day. Instead of worrying, “I hope my crack isn’t showing,” “I hope people aren’t looking at my muffin top,” “I hope my shirt is still buttoned,” “I hope my shirt is all the way down.” Clothes are designed to fully fit a body no matter how much it’s designed to cover. I promise, you do feel better when you have clothes that fit and not just clothes you could put on.

Being a Woman With Large Breasts

It seems like everywhere you turn a woman wants her boobs to be a different size. Some want their boobs bigger, some want them smaller but it’s hard to find a woman who loves the way her boobs ARE NATURALLY.
I began wearing a training bra when I was 8, yes, I started very very early and I stopped growing around 12, but my boobs continued until I was about 16. I wear a 36D and my best friends sit in the A/B range, so it’s super annoying because I can never borrow their cute shirts or zip up dresses because my boobs take too much room.
However, they complain that men don’t like them because they have small boobs and I tend to disagree. Each of them has a boyfriend of several months or longer, so I think they’re wanting attention of guys at the bar, and they can have it. Having big boobs kind of sucks because lots of times, people will think your “boobs for brains” and it’s just annoying considering I’ve always been a straight A student.
In my opinion, you don’t have to be happy with what you were given, but you should embrace it. You’re given a natural look, so why not rock it? It sure beats being depressed because you can’t have the body of Pamela Anderson.
But, I ran across a link today, and I think all big breasted women can relate to this, so I’m going to post it. If anyone comes across one for small breasted women, let me know. I would love to read it! I’ve also attached a picture of my bra vs. my best friends… Having big boobs is not all fun and games.

The Struggles of Big Boobs


A Greater Power

So today, a young girl, maybe 6 completely twisted my brain. I’ve never been a crazy religious person but I’m always open to hear what someone has to say. I like learning and what better way than to learn from someone’s experiences?
In reality, all religions are, in most aspects, the same. We all believe we have rules to follow and we all believe in some higher deity, even if they don’t all have the same name. Well, I was at Wal Mart this morning and came across a religious movie, seemed to be about Christianity. I just kinda looked at the DVD cover and this little girl comes up behind me and starts talking.
She starts saying things like, “Can you believe Jesus died for us?” “he was the perfect person and we sin every day” “I don’t know why people don’t believe in him. Why would we be here? To live a life and meet cool people and never see them again when we die? That’s weird.” She said some other philosophical things but, I’m still pondering those, haha.
I guess what she says kind of makes sense. Why would we live almost 100 years and not see any of our loved ones again? If we did evolve from monkeys, how come there are still monkeys? How come monkeys are not changing shape or characteristics daily?
Like I said, I’m not religious or anything and I’d actually love to get some opinions. So, please, feel free to comment. I’d love to learn your views.

Being An Alcoholic vs. Being A Drunk

Alcoholic:a person addicted to intoxicating drinks.
Drunk:an intoxicated person.
Do you see the difference? In society, an alcoholic is a person who has an addiction to alcohol, but people are confusing that with a drunk, who is just intoxicated.
Alcoholics tend to have emotional issues, addictive personalities and rely on everyone but themselves; I did say “tend to,” so please don’t get defensive. Usually, an alcoholic has some crazy story that turned them to rely on alcohol, but also, some alcoholics are formed merely because they were exposed to alcoholic beverages before the age of 14… I think that’s the age, don’t quote me though.
Anywho, when a college student goes home for the holidays and wants to go to the bar, with friends and get drinks, they’re an alcoholic? No. They’re a drunk.
Drunks are people who drink when celebrating or they just want to have a little fun. Drunks don’t drink to suppress some larger psych issues.
Drunks, in most cases, drink in a social setting and with lots of people, but alcoholics, tend to drink alone but also in social settings.
Well, I came home for the holidays my family keeps referring to me as an “alcoholic.”
Just because I keep my liquor, beer and wine stash in my room and it’s all gone the next morning does not mean I’m an alcoholic……….. Oh wait.
Hahah. Just kidding, I’m just hiding it from my mom. Alcohol is not a cheap hobby. Have a happy holiday everyone!

Being Use to Change

I’m a person who has never coped with change very well. About 6 years ago, my absolute best friend moved about 1,000 miles away. We had been best friends since we were almost six, so I was pretty heart broken. Who was I gonna talk to about my boy problems? Who was I gonna gossip to? Who was I gonna take classes with and sit with at lunch? Who was I gonna confide all my secrets in?
Well, life went on, I made new friends, she made new friends and the world didn’t end.
Yesterday, some of my closest friends graduated. I know graduating college is one of the biggest milestones you can pass, but I just couldn’t help but to beg them all to stay. Unfortunately, they still graduated and my closest friend is now on her way back to Iowa. I personally think it’s awesome she came to a school in Texas, I’m glad she’s someone I have in my life because she created whole new adventures for me that I’ll never forget.
But, in the end, me and my childhood friends are still best friends. We see each other a couple times a year and we talk at least once a week. Nothing’s changed between us at all. As for my college friends, I had to learn that graduation isn’t “good-bye,” it’s “see you later.” And I do fully intend on seeing all these girls later. With change, you just have to see the glass half full and live on.

Love vs Comfort

Love:a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
Comfort:a person or thing that gives consolation.
Though comfort has many meanings, none of them compare to love. They all say stuff about being relaxed. Yes, most people are comfortable around the ones they love, but that in no way makes them synonymous. Just because you’re comfortable around someone doesn’t mean you love them and just because you love someone doesn’t mean you’re always comfortable around them.
I’ve been around people I loved and thought, “I need to do my make up, I need to do my hair, I need this perfume.” There are times where you don’t want the person you love to see you sloppy and there are times where you are comfortable with someone but you wouldn’t trust them with your life or even try to get in their pants.
I understand that they do go hand-in-hand but that’s what makes them different. A lot of times there’s one and not the other but lots of times, there’s both. Just because you let your boyfriend see you at your messiest or your most ratchet state, doesn’t mean you love him yet. It actually means you love yourself. You love yourself enough to be comfortable around people. So saying “I love you” is something that needs way more thought and evaluation than people put into it. So be careful, they are similar, but they are very different.